Recreation League

Peanut League: Grades PreK - 1
Minor League: Grades 2 - 3
Junior League: Grades 4 - 7
Senior League: Grades 8 - 12

The Recreational league has undergone many changes over the years. The league encourages fundamentals, team work, and fun. All of our coaches are volunteers and usually are parents of players in the league. Others can coach but parent volunteers are generally taken first. Umpires are provided for the Minor, Junior, and Senior leagues. Most equipment is provided but each player must provide their own glove and water bottle. Some choose to bring their own bat as well. If you are purchasing a helmet for your child, it needs to be ASA certified with a face guard and chin strap. Safety is a top priority. Rules for each league are provided at the beginning of the season and generally follow the ASA rules. Expectations for players, parents, and coaches are included. Each participant will receive a T-shirt for the team to which they are assigned by the commissioner of the league. (** NO ALTERATIONS can be made to the T-shirt including but not limited to cutting, writing or drawing on, etc. **) All games are played at Crown and Wager field at Ralston Park, 80th and Park Drive in Ralston.

Registration or sign-ups for the league take place in January and February. Fees must be paid before players can play. The number of teams varies from year to year but usually we field 6-8 teams per league with 12-14 girls per team. Questions regarding team formation may be directed to any league commissioner.

Everyone plays in each game, coaches know this is a recreational league. There are practices, and players are expected to attend them. The schedule is up to the coaches of each team. Once the league starts, practice may be less often, but this is up to the individual coaches. The league begins at the end of April, or the first of May and runs until mid June. All girls who participate in the Peanut League will recieve a Participation Award at the end of the season. Girls who participate in the Minor, Junior, and Senior Leagues will have a chance to recieve 1st and 2nd place medals in the final tournament at the end of the season. A double elimination tournament is then played and completed before the 4th of July for the Minor, Junior, and Senior Leagues. No tournament for the Peanut League. Rainout information will be posted on the website.

The goal of the Recreational league is to have FUN along with learning teamwork, practice fundamentals, and to enjoy the game of fastpitch softball.

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